Equine Therapy for Teens

Adolescence marks a period filled with growth, self-exploration, and the quest for equilibrium, yet it’s also a phase that might introduce obstacles affecting mental health. At Hillside Horizon, we understand the profound and transformative impact of the bond between humans and animals, especially horses. Equine therapy for teens is a groundbreaking method that leverages the therapeutic relationship between young individuals and horses to foster healing.

What is Equine Therapy?

California equine therapy, a heartfelt approach to healing, encompasses more than just horseback riding; it delves into meaningful interactions between individuals and horses. This therapeutic practice, also known as Horse Therapy or Equine-Assisted Therapy, emphasizes ground activities like grooming, feeding, and leading horses. The intuitive and dynamic presence of horses acts as a reflective tool for human emotions and behaviors, presenting unparalleled opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.

Benefits of Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy offers a range of benefits, making it a profound and effective modality for teenagers and adolescents:

Building Trust and Connection

Horses are highly sensitive and perceptive animals, fostering the development of trust and meaningful connections.

Enhanced Emotional Regulation

Interacting with horses promotes emotional regulation and self-awareness as individuals learn to manage their emotions in the presence of a responsive animal.

Improved Communication Skills

Effective communication is key in working with horses, enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Boosted Self-Esteem

Achieving tasks and building a connection with a horse can significantly boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

Stress Reduction

The calming presence of horses and the rhythmic nature of their movements contribute to stress reduction and relaxation.

Encourages Responsibility

Caring for a horse fosters a sense of responsibility, promoting accountability and empathy.

Our Approach to Treatment

At Hillside Horizon, we embrace a personalized and comprehensive approach to equine assisted therapy for teens, ensuring each program is uniquely tailored to meet the distinct needs of adolescents. Our dedicated team, comprising experienced therapists, equine specialists, and mental health professionals, works collaboratively to design individualized treatment plans that resonate deeply with each teen’s specific circumstances.

Our approach includes:

Assessment and Goal Setting

Conducting an initial assessment to understand the teenager's specific challenges and collaboratively setting realistic goals for Equine Therapy.

Ground-Based Activities

Engaging teenagers in a variety of ground-based activities with horses, such as grooming, leading, and problem-solving exercises.

Therapeutic Processing

Facilitating structured debriefing sessions to explore the emotional and psychological aspects of the Equine Therapy experience.

Integration with Traditional Therapy

Combining Equine Therapy with traditional therapeutic modalities to provide a holistic and well-rounded treatment plan.

Individual and Group Sessions

Offering both individual and group Equine Therapy sessions to address personal and interpersonal aspects of well-being.

Equine-Facilitated Team Building

In group sessions, teens collaborate with each other and the horses, fostering teamwork, communication, and a sense of community.

Why Choose

Hillside Horizon for Treatment


Our team comprises experienced therapists and equine specialists with specialized training in Equine Therapy and adolescent mental health.

Individualized Care

Recognizing the uniqueness of each teenager’s experience, we tailor Equine Therapy sessions to address specific challenges and goals.

Holistic Approach

Our treatment encompasses the physical, emotional, and social aspects of a teenager’s life, promoting overall well-being.

Collaborative Care

We work closely with teenagers and their families to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive approach to treatment.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Hillside Horizon is dedicated to providing a compassionate and non-judgmental space where teenagers feel secure to explore and connect with the healing power of horses.

Proven Success

Hillside Horizon has a track record of success stories, illustrating the positive impact of our Equine Therapy approach on the lives of teenagers.

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If you believe Equine Therapy could benefit your teenager, Hillside Horizon is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards finding harmony in motion, fostering connections, and promoting holistic well-being.

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