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Teen Mental Health Treatment in Murrieta, California

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About Hillside Horizon

Hillside Horizon for Teens was founded by a group of like-minded individuals who saw an underserved population that needed immediate help. Due to the world’s current climate, we set out to create a safe and tranquil environment for teens and their families to learn, grow, and heal! Throughout our decades of involvement within the Mental Health industry, our front-line experiences have become paramount in building the rapport and trust necessary to affect who we seek to treat positively. For the recovery and healing process, our highly motivated and equally passionate team of medical and clinical professionals will provide comprehensive guidance to families, including but not limited to clear communication, confidentiality, and quality care. By implementing a variety of treatment modalities, we intend to help teens set and meet their unique, individual goals, thus steering them toward a healthier and more prosperous future.

Mental health treatment is of utmost importance in Murrieta, California, a city that, like many others, has grappled with the challenges of mental health issues. Despite not being physically located in Murrieta, our commitment to serving the community is unwavering. The city has seen a growing awareness of mental health concerns, reflecting a nationwide trend. As part of the broader effort to address these issues, Hillside Horizon for Teens is dedicated to offering specialized care to the youth of Murrieta and their families, ensuring that they have access to the support and resources they need during their journey towards improved mental well-being. In this way, we aim to contribute to the mental health landscape in Murrieta and create a brighter future for its teens and the community as a whole.


Hillside Horizon for Teens offers a comprehensive array of services, specifically tailored to assist adolescents in overcoming the challenges that affect their daily lives. Our commitment is to empower teens with the essential coping skills needed to navigate the complexities of the present while preparing them for a resilient and successful future. With unwavering empathy and dedication, we stand by the families who place their trust in us, guiding them through the transformative journey of Teen Mental Health Treatment. We specialize in treating a wide spectrum of mental health disorders, ensuring that each young person receives the personalized care and support they need to reclaim their well-being and flourish.

We treat:



Bipolar Disorder


Personality Disorder



Self Harm

Trauma Disorder

Eating Disorders



Suicidal Ideations

Mood Disorders

Many more

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is mental health, and why is it important?

Mental health refers to a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It is essential because it affects how we think, feel, and act in our daily lives. Good mental health contributes to a balanced, productive, and fulfilling life.

What are common signs of mental health issues?

Common signs of mental health issues can include persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, mood swings, changes in sleep patterns, loss of interest in activities, social withdrawal, and difficulty concentrating. Physical symptoms like headaches and digestive problems can also be linked to mental health problems.

How can I support someone with a mental health issue?

To support someone with a mental health issue, listen without judgment, offer your presence and empathy, encourage them to seek professional help, and educate yourself about their condition. Remember that your support can make a significant difference in their recovery.

Is seeking professional help for mental health issues necessary?

Yes, seeking professional help is often necessary when dealing with mental health issues. Mental health professionals, such as therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, can provide expert guidance, therapy, and, if needed, medication to address and manage mental health conditions effectively.

What can I do to maintain good mental health?

Maintaining good mental health involves a combination of self-care practices, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, stress management, strong social connections, and seeking help when needed. Engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation can also contribute to mental well-being. It’s essential to prioritize self-care as a proactive step in promoting mental health.

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